Turn free WiFi into a marketing tool




Linkyfi is a simple marketing tool that uses the mechanism of
conditional access to the Internet to collect data about its users.
To surf the Internet the client logs on to the Linkyfi platform- by entering the phone number or e-mail address, logging via social media accounts or by completing a short questionnaire. An in-depth analysis of the customer
information allows the business owner to create and send
customized advertising campaigns directly to the clients.
Additionally, the client may be offered the possibility of using virtual
menu, virtual points/stamps or navigation to selected places.


A wide range of possibilities, offered by the Linkyfi platform, makes
it suitable for diverse facilities such as:

hotels, restaurants, airports,railway stations,

shopping malls, cinemas, chain stores, pubs,

discos or even mass events.



  • Appropriate adjustment of the offer to the client’s needs
  • Establishment of direct contact with the client
  • Increased brand appeal, enhanced relationship with the client
  • Increased effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Increased brand awareness among the clients
  • Optimization of sales and advertising space, increased staff efficiency


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Details concerning your customers: who they are, what they do, how much they like your products and services. All the data is displayed in clear charts and tables with multiple export options.

Marketing Activities


You can send your customers birthday gifts, give them virtual stamps for visits and send text messages with new offers.



Linkyfi provides feedback on the results of your actions and awards you medals for the increase in the number of customers!


Linkyfi is a brand invented by AVSystem – a  market leader in advanced device management solutions for Telcos, ICT service providers and device manufacturers, known for its collaboration e.g. with Vodafone, T-Mobile or Swissvoice and having its offices around the world in countries such as Dubai, India, Brazil and Colombia.


AVSystem, using its long-term experience, closely monitoring the changing trends in customer buying behavior patterns as well as observing the soaring significance of both mobile market and the Internet in a customer’s decision-making process, has decided to design Linkyfi.

Linkyfi being a  pertinent response to the current market needs, has already been used in Europe, Central and South Americas and Middle East and Asia.



Almost 10 years of experience, 40+ CPE manufacturers and 90M+ managed devices all over the world.


Intuitive solutions developed for easy and effortless management and monitoring.


Advanced solution based on years of experience and market analysis developed by high-tech specialists.


Individual approach to meet even the most unusual needs and expectations of each type of users.


Tailor-made solutions as the perfect-fit for all of the customers’ requirements and ideas.


Linkyfi is a solution for everyone who would like to monetize their free Wifi.


Linkyfi is a solution for everyone who would like to monetize their free Wifi.


To get access to WiFi, a traveler logs in to the Linkyfi platform. The information they find on the login page depends on you – it may be the data about plane arrivals and departures or the information about current discounts in restaurants or gift shops within the airport premises. The traveler may also be navigated to a chosen destination thanks to the option of Indoor Location or notified in real-time in a text message about any updates to their itinerary such as security wait times, flight delays or gate changes. Additionally, you may limit free access to the Internet for travelers and charge them when they exceed it. A wide range of features offered by Linkyfi makes it a great tool to use in other modes and places of transportation such as railway, bus or metro stations.

Chain Store

Linkyfi is a platform that enables a thorough analysis of the traffic at a given time and place, with accuracy of 3m. It also indicates a direction
of clients’ movement and most frequently chosen paths. Having all data helps you properly evaluate the daily workload and plan a number of staff working on a particular day in advance. This may increase both the efficiency of your workers and the satisfaction of your clients. Moreover, such knowledge may support your decisions regarding the optimal management of sales and advertising space and help you determine which places in the store are the most popular among the customers.


For cinemas, the Linkyfi platform offers new-generation loyalty cards – virtual stamps in a mobile form. Each visit in your cinema equals 1 stamp. After  collecting 5 stamps, a client may redeem them for a free ticket to a chosen movie. What is important, via Linkyfi, the satisfied client may share the news about the free ticket they received with their friends on social media, which increases attractiveness of your venue. Additionally, you may use the option of Event-Based Marketing, which enables you to send information about the latest movie premiers or discounted tickets to the customers that are within your WiFi range.


To make your hotel more attractive to your guests, you may offer them the option of ordering meals, spa or other services directly to the hotel room
via the Linkyfi platform. On the login page, they may also be presented with hotel regulations, special discounts on hotel services or information about the latest events happening in your venue. It is up to you what kind of information will be displayed to your guests. Furthermore, Linkyfi offers you its premium service of indoor location for hotels, which may help you navigate your guests around the hotel complex and indicate the location of such places as a spa room, fitness center, restaurant or the closest available parking space. Last but not least, at the end of your client’s stay, you may ask them to rate your services via Linkyfi’s customer satisfaction survey.

Mass Event

An interesting case of using the Linkyfi platform may be a mass event. Via Linkyfi, participants may play together and/or compete with each
other while voting for the best player e.g. during the football match. The results may be displayed in real-time for all the participants of the event.
Moreover, the advertisements of our business partners may be presented on the login page, which makes them visible for all the people logging to the platform. Additionally, the winner of the competition may be drawn among all people voting and notified about this fact by a text message. There is a great chance that the lucky winner will share their happiness with their friends on a chosen social media profile. The use of the Linkyfi platform during a mass event may increase its attractiveness, support promotion of your business partners, boost your brand awareness and its visibility in social media, and most importantly, drive attendee engagement.

Pub & Disco

The Linkyfi platform may be a perfect choice for the owners of discos or pubs as well. Clubbers may communicate with each other at a party via
the chat option. This form of communication seems to be perfect especially for young people who are already accustomed to quick and short messages
exchanged on a daily basis via the Internet. Via Linkyfi, clubbers may also be offered participation in diverse games such as roulette where they
may win a discount on the bar. Moreover, they may check-in in a place and tag their friends on social media, without the need to separately
log in to their accounts. Such actions may drive your sales and boost significantly the attractiveness of your business among the customers.


Via the Linkyfi platform, a client in a restaurant may order lunch or wine they like directly from their mobile phone using the virtual menu option. This cutting edge technology not only facilitates and speeds up the ordering process, but also enhances the attractiveness of your venue.

A client may also be offered to use virtual stamps, which have become next-generation loyalty cards in a mobile form. Each visit in your restaurant equals 1 stamp, after collecting 5, a client may redeem them for a gadget or a discount for the next meal in your restaurant. This allows you as a business owner to build and strengthen a long-term relationship with the clients as well as grow a number of loyal customers.

After a meal, a client may be asked for completing a short survey regarding your services and products. They may also recommend your restaurant on diverse industry and business portals. All these options are suggested and delivered by Linkyfi in a very convenient mobile form. As a result, the business owner receives valuable information whether the client is satisfied with the services offered. What is more, restaurant’s visibility in the Internet gets boosted.

Shopping Mall

The Linkyfi platform used in a shopping mall allows you to warmly welcome every single client that visits your business. A personalized message displayed on a phone screen may include not only a standard Hello, but also information about current promotions, sales, events or other activities that take place in your shopping mall. Linkyfi may also be used to navigate your client to a selected destination, e.g. via Linkyfi, a client informs you, by choosing an appropriate category, that they are looking for a pair of shoes, in return Linkyfi prepares for them a personalized path around your facility including all shoe shops.

Additionally, during the search for shoes, you may send your clients, in a form of push messages, information about discounts on shoes available at the shops they pass by (the Event-Based Marketing option). After the shopping, Linkyfi may navigate the clients to their car, using the shortest path possible. All these functionalities let you establish a direct contact with every single client, speed up their decision-making process by presenting an offer tailored to their current needs as well as boost attractiveness of your business.




of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers

of mobile shoppers use search to influence their purchasing decisions



of in-store shoppers who use smartphones for online research say their device aids their in-store experience71%
of costumers, who have subscribed to mobile messages, have said brand messages have induced purchases64%
of customers seek discounts and sales via mobile ads60%



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